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Tell Everyone We Made A Discovery Tonight!

Take your power and use it! Grab tickets to Public Enemy now, and get in before the masses, since we know they are a dangerous thing. Previews start at $49 until 10/8!

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Inside Taste of Honey!

It was the ultimate story of bolt-from-the-blue success. In a matter of months Shelagh Delaney went from part-time jobber in sooty, downtrodden Salford to famous playwright sauntering through London’s West End. Read Kate Farrington’s insider look at A Taste of Honeya work of defiant love.

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Honey is "surprisingly contemporary and unbearably touching"

“So excellent as to put this heretical question in the minds of every New Yorker who loves theater: Who needs Broadway?” – The Wall Street Journal

“Surprisingly contemporary and unbearably touching… Rebekah Brockman is a revelation” – Time Out NY

“Botchan… may be giving her best performance yet.” – The Huffington Post

“This play is an important part of theatre history, and you will not find a better production of it than this one by Pendleton for the Pearl.” – Brooklyn Magazine

“A smart, flinty, outspoken teenager, ahead of her time and admirably unconcerned with societal expectations.” – The Village Voice