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Drama Download: A Bumpy Start

Did you know that professional theatre was essentially banned during the Revolution? The Continental Congress put out the following statement in 1774:

“We will, in our several stations, promote economy, frugality and industry, and promote agriculture, arts and the manufactures of this country . . . and we will discountenance and discourage every species of extravagance and dissipation, especially all horse-racing, all kinds of gaming, cock-fighting, exhibitions of shows, plays and other expensive diversions and entertainments.”


Drama Download: Let it Go

U.S. copyright law is dumb.

I’m sorry—that was reductive. U.S. copyright law is a labyrinthine muddle resulting from some pretty impressive corporate and dynastic maneuvering.

Did you know that very few U.S. books, plays, music, films, etc, have entered what is known as the public domain (meaning their copyright has expired) in decades? The specifics are complex (and fascinating) but the gist is that in the last few decades the “goal post” for when works should come into the public domain keeps shifting.


Drama Download: Victorian Redux

Any time the cultural world fixates on a particular historical period (not just as escapism, but really spends some significant time there) I wonder what “metaphor” the past is offering to so mesmerize the present.