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Public Enemy is Critics' Pick!


“Henrik Ibsen pulled off one of theater’s great hairpin turns in “An Enemy of the People.” That play’s titular character, Dr. Thomas Stockmann, starts off as a noble whistle-blower, only to turn into a fanatical crusader who delivers a proto-Ayn Randian aria of elitist contempt for the masses.”

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"...the rage, the conscious, the soul of theatre telling us we must listen.”

“thanks to Mr. Cole and Mr. Brooks, the production captures the essence of an Ibsen play, the rage, the conscious, the soul of theatre telling us we must listen.”
–New York Theatre Review

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A Taste of Honey (2016)

Honey is "surprisingly contemporary and unbearably touching"

“So excellent as to put this heretical question in the minds of every New Yorker who loves theater: Who needs Broadway?” – The Wall Street Journal

“Surprisingly contemporary and unbearably touching… Rebekah Brockman is a revelation” – Time Out NY

“Botchan… may be giving her best performance yet.” – The Huffington Post

“This play is an important part of theatre history, and you will not find a better production of it than this one by Pendleton for the Pearl.” – Brooklyn Magazine

“A smart, flinty, outspoken teenager, ahead of her time and admirably unconcerned with societal expectations.” – The Village Voice