Reflection by Shepard Sobel

We started The Pearl with a typewriter and carbon paper, 1000 index cards, a reel-to-reel tape recorder, and for dimmers, two six-packs of auto-transformers, the heaviest machinery ever produced by man with the single exception of some German expressionist plays.

I never thought my last act as artistic director would be to write a blog posting.

I do not believe that the good old days are the best of days.  I believe the best is yet to come.

But one can’t help but be a little bit wistful, can one?

Jim:  I am pleased to present you with a 10-station computer network, digitalized sound system, a legion of Source Four instruments with the circuitry and control system to make them hum.

Let me re-state all of the above.

We started with a wonderful cry of players and the best plays ever written.  I am pleased to present you with the very same.

I have loved every minute.



  1. richard j. brenner says:

    dear shep,

    i will miss you and the theater that you did so much to create, and joanne, too, who gave some stunning performances at the pearl and elsewhere.

    richard j. brenner

  2. Phipps Arabbie says:

    Dear Shep and Joanne,
    Please let me echo Mr. Brener’s remarks and gratitude; I coud not have said it better. I wish you both the best for the future and will always cherish the theatre for I could not have chosen plays I would have preferred over the ones you did so well!

    Phipps Arabie

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