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The Pearl is happy to organize talkbacks, special student matinee performances, or classroom visits when availabilities, personnel, and resources allow. We also offer free study guides to accompany each production that contain supplementary information to educators and students to encourage deeper connectivity with the performed material and develop educational tools of expression, examination, and analysis. Study guides include synopsis, setting, character breakdown, themes/thematic elements, sample scenes, discussion questions, and an author biography.
If you are interested in taking advantage of our group discount offer, please contact Audience Services Manager Sam Parrott at (212) 563-9261 or to begin making the arrangements for your group to attend an enriching performance. Below is a document that outlines our group sales policies and gives some more in depth information about our upcoming season.

Download this season's Teacher's Guide!

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  • 10 person minimum
  •  25% nonrefundable deposit
  • Student rate of $30 per ticket (and $45 for faculty or a regular group)
  • A limited amount of subsidites are available
To reserve seats, please provide the following information:
  • Group name
  • Contact info: name, email, billing address, & phone number
  • Number of tickets and Performance date and time 
For booking: Contact the Box Office at 212.598.9802 or 212.563.9261 or email 


"The study guides they prepare for each production are meticulously researched, userfriendly, and academically challenging."
~ Jim Pratzon, Lyons


"Upon leaving the theater, students excitedly debate and explore the real life conflicts and themes in the play; their time at the Pearl Theatre Company is invaluable because it pulls the students into new worlds, ripe for exploration."
~ Alfonso Albergaria, Young Women's Leadership School


"Dominic Cuskern's engaging lessons not only prepare students for the challenges of understanding the sometimes demanding plays, but they also encourage students to make real life, relevant connections to plays."
~ Alfonso Albergaria, Young Women's Leadership School


"The students' writing is greatly improved academically and as young playwrights. The experience of viewing a play and then crafting an original work would not be nearly as effective without the theatre going experience."
~ Barbara G. Scott, DreamYard
"The company of the actors over the years has enhanced and supplemented my literature curriculum tremendously—especially my lessons on classical playwrights like William Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, Oscar Wilde, and Bernard Shaw."
~ Alfonso Albergaria, Young Women's Leadership School
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