Vanity Fair


Brad Heberlee
Debargo Sanyal
Joey Parsons
Kate Hamill
Ryan Quinn
Tom O'Keefe
Zachary Fine

Adapted by Kate Hamill (Sense & Sensibility) from William Thackeray’s masterpiece, Vanity Fair exposes a society that cares more for good birth and good manners than for skill. But Becky Sharp, poor, plain, and devilishly clever, is determined to defy the odds through risky romantic entanglements, shady business practices, and social climbing at any cost; she won’t stop until the world lies at her feet.

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“We recently witnessed, in a very concrete way, how uncomfortable our society is with ambitious women. They are always seen as unnatural and somehow untrustworthy. We need to see a story about a woman who’s ambitious – who tries to take on the world and is punished for it. Is she perfect? No, absolutely not – but the point of this play is that nobody is perfect or above reproach.”